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WDI is a world leader in the manufacturing and integration of industrial autofocus sensors and microscopy automation solutions for the biomedical, metrology, electronics, semiconductor and laser markets.

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Our emphasis on Precision in design, engineering, assembly and testing results in superior products and technology.


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We Focus on delivering superior microscopy automation solutions.


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Our knowledge and experience in Automation technology and methods allows us to develop components and systems tailored to customer needs.


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Product image

Remote Omnividi microscope is available by means of common internet browser from everywhere around the world!

The device uses the top quality Olympus lenses which are switched instantly upon zooming (0,2 second) while the image remains in focus. With magnification x40, after deactivating the autofocus function, the microscope can be operated manually in order to change the focus plane. This function is not available in scanners.

Apart from histopathology diagnostics, Omnividi can be used to examine paraffin embedded samples and intra-operative frozen samples as well as fine needle aspiration biopsy, core needle biopsy and cytology specimens. It is also a perfect tool for the diagnosis of difficult tissue pathology cases involving distant simultaneous consultations of many professionals.

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Linear motors

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The Linear Motor is a high precision direct drive linear servomotor. It is optimal solution for linear movement, where precision and speed, together with reliability and zero maintenance are needed. Linear Motor consists of only two parts, a magnetic shaft and a forcer. Between them there is a gap – no contact no friction. They can generate a high force compering to size.

Features of Linear Motors:

  • High precision*
  • High speed (greater than 10m/s)
  • High acceleration
  • Low speed drive*
  • No speed fluctuation
  • Quiet – due to the absence of friction

* the precision of repetitive positioning depends on the resolution of the linear encoder same as low speed drive

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Our engineering team consists of accredited optical, mechanical, electrical, software, automation and application engineers with expertise in a wide range of microscopy and imaging applications and technologies. Additionally, they have years of experience with illumination, optical imaging methodologies and equipment, optomechanical engineering and performance modeling as well as quality control.

WDI manufactures both standard and customized components and systems including autofocus sensors, linear lens changers, Z-Axis actuators and illuminators. We utilize modern practices and technology, precision components and world class assembly techniques to deliver modules and systems that exceed the most demanding quality and performance requirements.

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